Vredenstein Inner Tube Presta Road

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Vredestein High quality Butyl road tire inner tubes (700x18-25mm)available in a choice of valve lengths for use with different rim depths without resorting to leaky extensions.

The most important constituent of Vredestein inner tubes is butyl, a synthetic rubber with a very low gas permeability.

This means that the inner tube retains its required pressure longer. Vredestein inner tubes are autoclave tubes, produced according to the Unitube system.

This means that a Vredestein inner tube is suitable for various sizes of outer tire.

Autoclave inner tubes are easily fitted thanks to a pre applied thin layer of talcum powder on the outside of the inner tube.

Top Features of the Vredestein Road Presta Inner Tube

80mm Presta valve
60mm Preata valve
Product Data

Road: Yes
Wheel Size: 700c (622)