Time XC4 Pedals - Black

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Time ATAC XC4 Pedal The Time ATAC XC4 comes with an aggressive design and offers high stability because of its wider surface. The proven ATAC dual-arch retention system guarantees easy engagement and dependable release in all conditions. Low spring tension of the ATAC design causes less friction in extreme conditions, and along with a wide release angle (13° or 17°), provides consistent entry and release, allowing off-road riding with total confidence. When other pedals pre-release or jam, with ATAC you get quick and easy release when and only when you want it. Self-cleaning: Mud and dirt cannot stick to the simple “open arch” engagement mechanism which is wiped clean by the cleat as you step into the ATAC pedal. Stability: The wide, stable platform of Time ATAC XC pedals distributes pedaling pressure over a large area so you won’t feel a pressure point or “hot-spot” under your foot. Unlike pedals without a platform, you feel secure on ATAC even without being engaged. Fast Step: The ATAC body profile offers a wider angle of attack, into a cleat engagement window which is wider than on any other pedal. You can step into an ATAC pedal faster than into any other! Bio performance: Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm).