Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset

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A sleek & slender set of carbon clincher wheels from Fulcrum weighing in at approx 1358 grams. These Racing Zero's feature a carbon 30mm rim, aero aluminium spokes, carbon/alloy hubs, and superior handling for optimal power transmission to the road.

Racing Zero switches to carbon for the first time, and does it in it's own way (the first wheel on the market that combines a carbon rim with aluminium spokes. This new hybrid technology combines the legendary rigidity of the aluminium Zero with improved reactivity, thanks to the carbon rim, which reduces the peripheral weight and so the moment of inertia. A light wheel, with a superior handling and an optimal power transmission to the ground.

The Rim
The Racing Zero (Carbon) features a 30mm high carbon rim with a wider cross section and provides more grip, more comfort and superior handling. The rim is manufactured from UD (unidirectional carbon) and is among the best-performing currently available.

The Hubs
Carbon hubs with oversize aluminium flange and Two-to-One technology; the doubling of the spokes on the cassette side provides greater torsional stiffness and therefore a greater efficiency in the transmission of power to the wheel.

The front hub has been redesigned, the new model is smaller and so lighter. Smoothness is ensured by the famous USB ceramic bearings.

Clincher, unidirectional carbon fibre 30mm rim
Wheelset weight: 1358 grams
Front Wheel Features:
16 straight pull aero aluminium spokes
Carbon fibre, aluminium flanged hub
Rear Wheel Features:
Two to One™, straight pull aluminium aero spokes (7 left, 14 right)
Carbon fibre, oversize aluminium flanged hub