Fulcrum Racing Quartro AC 3 Carbon Wheelset

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The Fulcrum Racing Quattro carbon clincher wheelset, with it's 40mm rim profile, delivers excellent performance and durability as well as being the perfect solution for riding fast on varied terrain; be it flat, rolling or mountainousness.

The foundation of the Racing Quattro name derives from the Italian word for four or “Quattro” which represents the very versatile rim profile of 40mm. The common denominator throughout the line-up of Racing Quattro wheels comes in the form of this “do-it-all” rim profile that offers both aerodynamic advantages as well as a low rotational mass.

With such a combination, the 40mm rim is equally at home on both climbs as well as leading the pack on the flats. It is the one perfect solution for those riding on varied terrain or simply those who want one wheelset that can upgrade their performance on any and all scenarios they may encounter during their time in the saddle.

Wheelset weight: 1555g
Rim material: UD full carbon fibre
Rim width: 24.2mm (External), ETRTO 17c (Internal)
Rim depth: 40mm
Rim type: Clincher
Spoke count: 18 front and 21 rear
Hubs: Aluminium alloy with adjustable bearing system