Lightweight Meilenstein 24E Carbon Clinchers

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The Meilenstein is the most popular model from Lightweight and is their stiffest wheelset. They are ideal for racing and riding in the mountains. The current trend is for wider tyres and wider rims though, and at 20mm wide the original Meilenstein wheels were looking a bit narrow compared to more modern offerings. 

The new Meilenstein 24E brings the wheels bang up to date with a wider rim that works perfectly with 24 to 34mm tyres. We're seeing 25 to 28mm tyres being increasingly popular with cyclists - more comfort, traction and less rolling resistance. Even the pros are onboard with wider tyres. 

Lightweight has slightly modified the rim depth, from 47.5 to 48mm. There's a choice of tubular or clincher versions, weighing 1,165g and 1,290g respectively. That's only about 60g heavier than the 20mm wide Meilenstein wheels so a tiny weight increase for the added benefits of being able to run wider tyres.