ITM Triango Carbon Wrap Handlebar Matt/Dark - 420mm

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ITM are a worldwide company possessing both technical specialist knowledge and successful experience, which they have consolidated into one of the most innovative cycling brands around. Striving to deliver alternatives in design, durability and lightness, for ITM this means long-term interaction with professional and amateur cyclists as well as technicians and mechanics. A passionate and enthusiastic approach to cycling is what helps ITM to produce such exciting bike accessories. ITM's aim is to make beautiful and efficient bikes by employing high quality levels in processes that enable perfect shaping of materials and elimination of breakage in even the most hidden parts of them. It is this commitment to quality that ensures only the best road bike parts are produced for ultimate customer satisfaction.


The Triango is available in a classic bend and is constructed of 6061 alloy wrapped in exquisite 3K weave carbon fiber.   Available in sizes 42 & 44 cm measured center to center.

Weight: 325g