Fabric Line Cro-Mo Rail Shallow Saddle - Green 142mm

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The Line Shallow Elite Saddle from Fabric is a incredibly comfortable saddle, designed for the longer days in the saddle. It features a split, single piece, full-length pad with central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery.

Extended pressure on the pudendal artery can lead to discomfort and numbness. The Line saddle amply supports the sit bones with lightweight foam padding and relieves pressure through the addition of a central relief channel. The saddle features sleek clean lines making it not only look amazing but super easy to clean, this is the result of a unique process which bonds a waterproof microfiber cover and foam padding to a flexible nylon base with Cro-Mo rails. The base of the Line saddle is durable and hardwearing yet built to flex in line with rider movement, ensuring comfort throughout the ride.

Cover Material Waterproof Microfibre
Padding Lightweight PU foam
Rails Cro-Mo
Extra Features Nylon base