Continental GP5000 Tubeless Tyre - 28mm

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The new tubeless Grand Prix 5000 TL tire promises much improved performance over Conti’s long-running benchmark GP 4000 SII road tire. The move to tubeless brought with it a complete casing and rubber overhaul claiming 18% improved rolling resistance, 26% better puncture resistance (before even accounting for sealant), plus more comfort thanks to a new Active Comfort construction that is said to damp vibration through the use of stiffer sidewalls and more flexible casing under the tread. (Full details on the new tire in our original debut article.) All that sounded great – if a bit hyperbolic at times – so we were anxious to ride them.

The new GP 5000 TL has a claimed weight of 300g for a 25mm tire, which makes it a bit heavier than other claimed weights for similar levels of all around performance tubeless-ready road tires. For example, the same size Schwalbe Pro One tire claims a weight of 260g, but that tire is ‘Tubeless Easy’ meaning it still requires sealant to maintain an airtight casing. On our scale the 25mm GP 5000 TL weighed 303g (vs. a real weight of 262g for that 25mm Pro One.)