Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way C17 Wheelset

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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Clincher Wheelset


Still setting the benchmark for race wheels after 20 years - the Campagnolo Shamal Ultra

The Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 wheelset continues to be a cornerstone in fine performance wheelworks - it's been at the forefront of innovation since its inception over two decades ago.

Available in 2-Way Fit version, the new Shamal was designed specifically to increase compatibility with 25 and 28mm tyres. This new rim/tire interface proves to be more aerodynamic when compared to the same size tires mated to a C15 rim.

The new C17 also allows for a more surefooted grip on the road in addition to increased comfort while increasing rigidity and thus reactivity at the same time thanks to its wider stance and optimized material usage.

The Shamal Ultra C17 will continue to use a carbon fiber hub body with extra smooth USB bearings to make them as efficient as possible. The hubs for this newly designed wheel will continue to be differentiated between front and rear in order to optimize weight savings while considering structural and performance necessities that change with the individual roles of the two wheels.

The 16 aerodynamic anodized aluminum spokes on the front wheel are laced radially while the 21 spokes of the rear wheel are grouped in the Mega G3 pattern, famous not only for its fantastic performance but also for its innovative design. A new adjusting lock ring with microsetting has trickled down to this new C17 version from the Bora family, further highlighting the Shamal’s status as a top tier race wheel.

Born as the very first complete wheelset with each component in its build being specifically designed as a complete unit to ensure unparalleled efficiency and performance, the Shamal has continued to introduce new technologies that would change the way aluminum performance wheels were produced. So advanced was the Shamal in its early stages that it was found also in World Tour competition often and to this day is still perhaps the most race-ready aluminum wheelset available.

The modern Shamal includes all of the technological features below and represents years of solid research and development that culminates in the newest version of this prestigious line of wheels, the Shamal Ultra C17. This new, wider profile meets the C17 standard and is perfect for use with the increasingly popular tire sizes.


Differentiated rim height

G3 Spoke pattern

MoMag technology

Oversized driveside flange

USB ceramic bearings

2-Way Fit profile

Oversize Aerodymic Aluminum spokes

RDB – Rim Dynamic Balance


Weight (pair): 1495g

Wheel size: 700C


Rim depth (rear): 27mm

Rim depth (front): 23mm

Braking surface: Plasma treated

Tyre compaibility: 25-28mm